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BTA informs that BTA does not offer insurance services in the country, which is indicated in your IP address, please contact BTA Customer support service +370 5 2600 600.

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Advantages of BTA Casco

Surrogate car during the repair

Surrogate car during the repair

24/7 roadside assistance

24/7 roadside assistance

The deduction is chosen by you

The deduction is chosen by you

Car service partners all over Lithuania

Car service partners all over Lithuania

Frequently asked questions

  • Compulsory vehicle civil liability insurance covers the civil liability of you or other persons who drive your insured vehicle. We compensate for damages in cases when, by your own fault, property belonging to other persons is damaged or people are injured in an incident

  • Casco is a voluntary vehicle civil liability insurance that covers losses due to:

    - traffic accident (accident);
    - theft of a vehicle or robbery;
    - intentional acts of third parties;
    - natural disasters;
    - other sudden and unexpected events.

  • Online insurance is the most effcient way to purchase car insurance. You will enter the data in just a few minutes, you will also be able to choose additional insurance services and take advantage of the discount.
  • Fill in the request form on the BTA website Upon receipt of the request, our specialist will contact you and submit an insurance offer.
  • Call our customer service center number (8 5) 2600 600.
  • Visit any BTA customer service center.
  • Contact BTA partners - brokers or intermediaries.

  • Assistance and advice at any time;
    Should an incident occur on the road, call at any time of the day by phone (8 5) 2600 600 and get detailed information about BTA insurance services and advice on how to act best in the event of an accident. You can also call for help at the scene of an accident by calling the above-mentioned phone number.

  • Technical assistance on the road;
    If you are unable to continue your journey due to an unexpectedly damaged car, the BTA Roadside Assistance Service will help you - will call a specialist who will diagnose the fault and perform possible repairs on the road, as follows:
    • wheel replacement with the spare one in your car;
    • starting the car with the help of the booster cable;
    • elimination of the faults in the car security system;
    • blocked door unlock;
    • unlock the frozen car locks;
    • the automatic transmission unlock;
    • elimination of the problems with the cooling system, and adding the anifreeze liquid to the cooling system;
    • other minor repairs that we may complete under road conditions..

We perform repair work free of charge. The customer pays for the materials used for the above-mentioned works.
The number of events in the territory of the Republic of Lithuania is not limited.

  • Fuel supply;
    Should you run out of fuel while on the road, call BTA by phone (+370 5) 2600 600 and the BTA roadside assistance service will deliver it to you so that you can get to the nearest gas station.
    We deliver fuel free of charge, but the cost of the delivered fuel is covered by the customer.
  • Car transportation;
    If you are unable to continue your journey when the car breaks down and the car cannot be repaired on-site, we will transport it to the nearest car service centre or to your preferred location.
    The number of events in the territory of the Republic of Lithuania is not limited.
  • Taxi service;
    If you cannot continue your journey with your car and the car service evacuates the car, we will take the driver and passengers to the specified location in the range of 60 km.
    The service is provided only in cases when the transportation service is also used.

  • Car storage;
    If the protection of your vehicle is required after a technical failure, incident or car accident, we will arrange its storage for a period of up to 14 days. This service is provided if the car transportation service has also been provided.
    A limit of up to 100 EUR is set for the car storage service in Lithuania.

  • Filling in the accident declaration;
    If you have been involved in a minor traffic accident and need to complete an accident declaration in accordance with the Road Traffic Rules, please call (+370 5) 2600 600 - BTA specialists will consult and advise you on how to fill in the declaration correctly.

You can take care of your loved ones traveling together in choosing the additional Passenger Accident Insurance. Your BTA consultant will always remind you about this possibility, and when insuring your car online, always choose an additional Passenger Insurance service.

  • Should an accident occur, we advise that you do everything possible to avoid further losses. If a person is injured in an accident, aid the victim as soon as possible or call an ambulance.
  • If there are no injured persons during the accident, but the vehicles are damaged, the accident participants must fill in the accident declaration. In the event that the circumstances of the accident cannot be agreed with the driver of the damaged vehicle, we recommend that you call the police.
  • Within 3 working days, report the event to BTA by phone or by filling in the form on our website and submit the necessary documents: car registration and driver's licenses, a completed accident declaration or a certificate issued by the police. 
  • Upon receipt of all the necessary documents, BTA will inform you about the decision made on the insurance indemnity and/or offer a car repair service where you can perform vehicle repair work. In case you do not want to repair the vehicle, the insurance indemnity can be paid by transferring the amount of the indemnity to the bank account specified by you.

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