Travel insurance claims

Fast and easy claims handling!

What to do in the event of an accident abroad?


Call BTA's 24h customer service at +370 5 2600 600


We help arrange dealings with medical institutions and resolve the circumstances related to the incident


We check the documents and issue a letter of guarantee to the foreign partner so that payment is not a concern for you


You receive medical assistance from the medical institution and if necessary, we arrange transport to your country of residence

Frequently asked questions

If you got ill or experienced an accident, please report to the medical institution to make sure you get the qualified mdical service ASAP. If you need our assistance, please call the one of the numbers indicated in your travel insurance policy and we will be there for you.

It is particulartly important to inform us, if you need a treatment at the hospital during you your trip. Please inform us about this kind of issue as soon as you can, but not later than in 72 hours.

We guarantee a qualified support and assistance 24/7

Contact us whatever happens

Fill the form online or call +370 5 2600 600

We always inform our clients about the status of their claims. When the status has changed, or there is a need for addtional information, o the indemnity is calculated, we will inform you by e-mail or phone. You can also see the status of your claim at the self-service portal.

Please contact us at +371 26 121 212, fax.+371 670 25 079 or by e-mail When reporting the event, please indicate you ploicy number, insured person's name and surname, place of the event, medical institution's contact information.

If the event occured in Greece, Bulgaria, USA, Russian Federation, Belarus or Thailand, please call the numbers below for medical assistance.

If the event occured in Turkey or Egypt, please call the numbers below before contacting the medical institution:

  • Turkey: (+90 242) 310 44 44
  • Egypt: (+20 122) 104 27 43
  • Greece: (+30) 28970 41 777
  • Bulgaria: (+373) 22 994 955
  • Thailand: (+66) 6000 351 68
  • Ukraine: (+380) 443 745 026
  • Belarus: (+375) 29 103 64 24
  • Russia, Indonesia, UAE: (+7) 495 989 11 20
  • USA / Latin America: (+1) 9543706404 
  • Spain: +34 931 70 22 86: +34 518 900 340

If you have experienced an event covered by you travel insurance, submit your claim when you return to Lithuania.

Within 30 days from the end of your trip submit you claim by phone (+370 5) 2600 600, or online at Please enclose the documents confirming your expenditures. we need them to handle your claim quickly and efficiently:

Insured risk

Documents we request from you 

Medical expenses

·       Medical document issued by the medical institution of the foregn country, stating: patient's name, surname, date of the event, date of medical service provision, diagnosis, the of services provided.

·       Original payment documents.

·       Medicine prescriptions issued by the medical authority and payment documents confirming the purchases.

·       Other documents confirming the purchase of medical services, translated to Lithuanian language.

·       Other information and documents necessary to confirm the fact of an insured event (if applicable).

Luggage loss or damage 

·       Orignal documents confirming the purchase of basic necessities and / or rent of skiing inventory.

·       Carrir's report about luggage delay / damage.

·       Copies of boarding passes.

Travel documents

·       Receipts of travel documents' acquisitioni.

·       Legal institution's report confirming the event.

·       Proof of payment for the phone calls related with recovery of travel documents.


·       Foreign medical insitution's issued report with stated diagnosis, stamped and signed by the doctor.

·       In case of lethal accident, medical report with stated cause of death, death certificate..

Legal assistance abroad

·       Copy of the claim.

·       Contract with the lawer indicating the matter of legal assistance.

·       Proof of the payment to the lawer.

Civil liability

·       Please inform BTA about each event, which can lead to the third party's claim to the insured person or the insurer.

Trip cancellation

·       A request to pay an indemnity along with the event's description.

·       Medical or other documents confirming the reason of cancelling the trip.

·       Trip contract if the the trip is organized by the travel agent.

·       Proof of payment for the travel services (tickets, hotel vouchers, etc.);

·       Documents proving the rejection of compensation from the trip organiser.

·       Documents stating the penalties for the trip cancellation..

Missing the flight

·       Police report about the traffic accident.

·       Proof of purchase of the new ticket.

·       Proof of hotel reservation and payment.

Flight delay, flight cancellation, loss of flight connection

·       Proof of flight delay or cancellation.

·       Proof of the registration for the flight or the copy of a boarding pass.

·       Receipts for catering, hotel and transport from/to the airport expenditures.

·       Proof of the expenditures related to the change of the ticket or purchase of the new economy class ticket.

Trip interruption

·       Proof of family relation to the person to whom you had to go.

·       Medical institution's issued report indicating the diagnosis of dangerous desease or a death certificate of the family member.

·       proof of purchase of unused tickets.

·       Proof of purchase of the new ticket and boarding passes.

·       Hotel reservations and receipts.



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